Daily I (7/7-7/12)

Reminiscent of a balloon flapping as it loses air expecting something amazing to happen but after a while you wonder, is that it?

All the girls are singing while the little pudgy boy tries to eat his ice cream as it drips down his red sweater. They pass by her, in a faded sound of giggles and running. She could only reciprocate in a blink.

I wonder what would happen if I mute her; if she would be angry or apathetic. But of course, she would throw a fit! I can see her raging now, desperately cursing at me through emphasized mouthing as she frantically wail her arms about, pounding at my shoulders--hysterically, even. I think I might just snicker.

After looking at profile pictures of couples kissing one questions:
1. Do they always tend to have a camera out for their convenience?
2. And is that gum in his mouth?

After clicking on the exit button, one is left slightly embarrassed for them, feeling awkward for trespassing on something that can only make you blush.

I've come to decide that I don't much prefer people. I even sort of detest myself.

To wish for someone to think me cute again in which there is an imprinted memory of me wrinkling my nose in a cheery, smiley fashion in order to remain, if not interesting, at least darling--I think I'd like that.


Maverick Malone said...

Lol, this doesn't mean a lot to me, because I don't know whom you are referring to...this is my first visit here...but it certainly is an interesting read. Cool blog :)

xox, mavi