Daily II


1:02 PM
Today, in which I pine over a long love affair will include daily email logins, the fancy for bike riding, and an excuse to go on the treadmill and daydream of better days in order to remain calm. An action that I am far too familiar with that can only lead to thoughts of unrequited passion and a bargaining for sensibility.

1:19 PM
Today, in which I regrettably sacrifice an ounce of trust in order to seek knowledge of what is not mine, but in return gained a new, one-sided, trustee bond-ship that has me worry less because there is not much to worry for but only comfort and the consistency of rushing ecstasy.

1:30 PM
Mon cherie, mon capitaine, mon amour!

12:01 AM
Forgiveness, I plead for thee! Though you will never hear from it.

1:33 PM
There is no presence of me here. Nothing to call my name and speak gentle gestures of affinity. Am I just a private folly? For a dear sir knows that only love is folly for the wise.

9:01 AM
Peter Van Raaij
I look at her and say to myself, she is too trusting, especially with a vicious cat at that.

9:03 PM
In which she broods for 1,000 calories instead of waiting.
Either that or skip breakfast.
I did none.


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like a nice day! Are you located in SF?